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Book Review: Sun Burn by Danielle Davis (SUNBURN BLOG TOUR)

Book Title : SUN BURN

Author : Danielle Davies

Published : June 30, 2017 AustinMacauley Publishers

Pages : 430

Type Of Book : Standalone

Read From :  Nov. 9 ,2017- Nov. 12, 2017

Format : Epub
International : AMAZON 
Local (Philippines) : N/A



Set on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Sun Burn is a steamy thriller which revolves around the island’s drug-fuelled club scene. Leaving behind her dead-end life in London, Stacey follows her dancer friend Lucia to Ibiza, finding work in the island’s world-famous nightclub Amnesia. Very quickly she and Lucia get drawn into the dangerous underworld after a mistake involving a large consignment of drugs. The girls fall out and Stacey goes it alone in Ibiza’s busy West End district until she reconnects with Aaron, a handsome stranger who helped her on her first night on the island. However, Aaron is not all he seems and the mystery over the drugs consignment comes back to haunt them, eventually threatening their lives.



I would like to thank AustinMacualey Publishers for giving me the chance to be part of the SUB BURN BLOG TOUR. Also thank you so much for sending me both Epub & Physical copy (even tho I still don’t have it yet) of this book.


It was my first time to read a fiction that involves illegal drugs. In this book “Illegal Drugs” is the main topic and it’s an important matter that you need to acknowledge. In this book there are scenes that portray how drugs can affect a person’s life.

Stacey, the main protagonist went to Ibiza with her best friend Lucia. They’re happy to be in the island because they both have jobs and place to stay. But their lives went on a mess when they’re involved with a serious problem about illegal drugs.

For me Stacey is a weak heroine, she’s kinda stupid and selfish sometimes that I couldn’t handle it. She’d been through lot of troubles but instead of learning from her mistakes, she keeps on making trouble for herself. But atleast she tried her best to save her best friend and also to solve the problem that she’s been through. As for Lucia I really do like how supportive and a good friend she is to Stacey. But what I didn’t like about her is that she’s a weak character too, like she’s already giving up in the first part of the trouble. Also drowning herself with drugs to forget the big problem that she’s facing instead of keeping up with her life and to help Stacey to face their problems. Then we have Aaron the leading man, at first he was totally a jerk for me and I don’t really find him so romantic.

Let’s talk about the romance; it was totally an insta-love for me. The declaration of love from both characters are totally cringe-worthy. Aaron is  your typical romantic-mysterious bad boy. Then Stacey is your typical hard-to-get girl. I’m not a fan of the romance in this book, for me it was too cliché and unrealistic.

The writing was ok, I noticed some typo & grammatical errors. The pacing of the book was definitely fast. What I really liked about this book is how the author portrayed the world of illegal drugs. Also I fell inlove with how the author described the beautiful places in Ibiza. There is also a plot twist that didn’t surprised me that much. The climax of the story was ok and a bit rushed for me; I was totally engrossed with the action going on in the climax (like what I’ve said it’s a bit rushed for me). The ending was totally my most fave part and it gave me chills tho.

All in all this book is an ‘OK’ read for me. I’m not going to say that I hate it or I love it. I recommend this book to all the fans of action-romantic-mystery-steamy reads out there.
So my ratings for this book :
🌟🌟🌟 3 / 5 stars




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