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Book Review: Atlantis (Enchantment #2) by Evelyne Contant


🍓Fantasy Romance Sequel!

🍓amazing plot twist as always!

🍓Mind Blowing Adventures





Book Title : ATLANTIS (Enchantment #1)

Author : Evelyne Contant

Publisher : Amazon Direct Publishing

Pages : 343

Type Of Book : 2nd book in the series

Read From :   August 6 , 2017- August 21 2017

Format : Paperback , English Edition


I dreamed of an imaginary island lost in the middle of the sea. A legendary island where anything is possible, everything except telling him the truth. Black, my destiny is keeping me from revealing my true identity to you; I have to find the Emerald Tablet so we can finally be together. My dream is for enchanters and humans to live together in peace and harmony, or at least to avoid this war that is looming on the horizon. I’ll go to Atlantis with my team to uncover the first clue in our quest. I’m sure my friends will be able to help me accomplish this extraordinary mission! Atlantis! Can you believe it? Will you join me on my adventure?




It’s been a while since the last time I posted a book review. I was so busy with my studies but I’m here now catching up on writing some book reviews. Also I haven’t finish a book for a while coz I think I’m a having a reading slump. So let’s get back to the book review of Enchantment: Atlantis by Evelyne Contant. Huge thanks to my wonderful friend Cha( @oldbookpages – instagram) for giving me her extra copy of this gorgeous book. I wanted to read this book asap I finished the first book. Lucky me coz I got this sequel days before I finished the first book.

Evelyne Contant did it again! It was mind blowing and more awesome than the first book. So when Lou finally found out that she was the reincarnation of Orpheus’ wife. She wanted to keep it to herself, she doesn’t want  Lord Black/Orpheus to know the truth about her. So when the mission to find the emerald tablet kicked in. Lou and her team/friends are ready for a quest to look for it. When visions of the where to find the clue for the location of the emerald tablet appeared on Lou’s dreams. Its in the freaking ATLANTIS ya’ll! Yup! You read it write! Atlantis, its real my dear friends. So  when Lou and her friends went to Atlantis, I was so excited and it didn’t disappoint me. I met new characters like Captain Nemo of the Nautilus, Clo ( the very awesome shape shifter!), then Calypso who’s the queen of the island of Atlantis and many more.

There are some progress in the character development,especially with Lou and her friends. I’ve said before on my review of “The Moonstone (Enchantment #1)” that I wasn’t impress with Lou’s friends, coz for me their were too cliché. But I can take it back right? I’m effin’ loving them now, especially Pyros. Before I forget to mention how I’m deeply in awe with this particular part in the book. Where Lou, Lord Black and friends went to the 7 sins island where they played this 7 sins challenges, so they could get a ticket to Queen Calypso’s ball. I totally enjoyed it and I really want to join this challenge and I’m going to slay it so that I could also go to the Queen’s magical ball. Let’s not forget our villains, so Bethany was also a villain and she’s kinda bitchy in this book. Then we also have the traitor-jerk Zach that I really want to kill so badly.

The pacing of the book was amazingly fast and the writing was totally entertaining. But then again I noticed some errors in the book (page 441), but never mind it’s just a little error. There are some plot twists that readers will totally enjoy and once again this book will make you hungry even more. Then the romance in this book is getting more intense and you! gorgeous reader will totally love it. Lord Black and Lou will make you squeal to the highest level. Also I have a new ship to sail! Its Pyros and Clo! I really like them together.

All in all,  I totally enjoyed and liked this book very much. I highly recommend it to all the YA/FANTASY readers out there. If you want some unique adventure and some relatable characters, this book is for you. It’s a very good read, there’s romance, comedy and adventure. I really can’t wait to read the third and final book in this trilogy, good thing the lovely author Evelyne Contant is working her magic on it.

My rating for this book is

🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars

Thank you so much for reading my book review





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