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Book Review : One Of Us Lying by Karen M. Mcmanus 

🍓Mystery with Romance

🍓Fast pace read








Book Title : One of Us is Lying

Author : Karen M. Mcmanus

Publisher : Delacorte Press

Pages : 360

Type Of Book : Standalone

Read From :   July 16, 2017- July 22, 2017

Format : Paperback

Yale hopeful Bronwyn has never publicly broken a rule.

Sports star Cooper only knows what he’s doing in the baseball diamond.

Bad body Nate is one misstep away from a life of crime.

Prom queen Addy is holding together the cracks in her perfect life.

And outsider Simon, creator of the notorious gossip app at Bayview High, won’t ever talk about any of them again.

He dies 24 hours before he could post their deepest secrets online. Investigators conclude it’s no accident. All of them are suspects.

Everyone has secrets, right?

What really matters is how far you’ll go to protect them

A lot of my bookstagram friends voted for this book on my “WHAT SHOULD I GET” poll in my post so this book won and I bought my copy of it. Also its my first time to read a mystery book and it seems thay this book didn’t meet my expectations.😭

This book is about 4 high profile teens, accused of murdering their classmate who’s an outcast. Things get messed up when Simon (the outcast), revealed their juicy secrets days after his death and they’re now the prime suspects. So yahhh! Its a big mystery guys! Which one of them is the killer? or there’s another one besides them?

Anyway the synopsis of this book is mind gripping and I definitely added it on my BOOK-TO-BUY list. So I bought my copy and I was so excited to read it. Coz yas! its my first time to read a ya mystery book plus that cool cover got me. But unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations. I was expecting a mind blowing mystery book and I was also expecting that there will be a lot of investigating and spying and all that Nancy Drew stuffs. But I didn’t get those only 10% of it. Also this book kinda reminds me of Riverdale. 😄

I did enjoyed the first 100 pages of this book. Also the romance going on this book is swoon worthy. The pacing was also good and fast, but later on its getting boring for me. I like how the author gave tid bits of life problems in each of the main characters. As for the characters we have : Bronwyn the smart & achiever, I like her much because she reminds me of Betty from Riverdale. Then Addy the beauty, I thought at first she’s useless but at the end she’s so badass. Then Cooper the athlete for me his character is predictable but he’s not that useless. Then lastly Nate who’s known to be a criminal. At first I was swooning after him but later on I realized that he’s kind of a jerk but at the end he redeemed himself tho.

I don’t have much to say about this book coz I don’t really know how to rate it coz I like it but I don’t like it at the same time.All in all, I like reading this book but I was so disapponted coz it didn’t meet my expectations.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 3.8 / 5 stars

 Thank you so much for reading my review





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