Bookstagram Journal & Guide

Bookstagram Journal & Guide Ep. 1 : Intro

Dear reader, 

Through books I’ve traveled through out different worlds. Through book I’ve learned so many things. Through books I’ve met a lot of amazing people. Through books I’ve created my kind of wonderland,and that’s the crazy thing they called BOOKSTAGRAM.

Hello everyone! It’s me Dove of @_thereadingdove. I’ve been a bookstagrammer for 1 yr & 7 months. Through bookstagram I’ve met a lot of amazing bookworms and I’m so happy to be a part of this community. Also through bookstagram I’ve experience a lot of stuffs that I’ve never imagine to happen.

What is this all about?

I’ll be writing a series of blog post that I will share my experience through out my bookstagramming career & also some guides and tips to all the newbies.

What are the topics that I will write about this Blog Series?

As of now I’ve listed 6 topics that I will write on this blog series. 

  • How do I edit my bookstagram photos 
  • How to create a perfect feed theme
  • How to gain followers & friends
  • Lucky ! Lucky ! Giveaways
  • Bookstagram Monthly Challenges
  • How to deal with BookTags!

What do you think guys? Aren’t they exciting?

Along with those topics, I will also share my experience & how I survived & dealt with it.

What’s the purpose of this blog series?

To help & inspire some of the newbie bookstagrammers. Also to spread love & love for books 

I’m not really sure if I can cope up with this blog series. But I will try my best so that I can fulfill atleast 10 episode throughout the year.

I hope you will enjoy reading every entry tgat I will be writing on this blog series.

Thank you so much for reading!




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