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Book Review : Queen Of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Book Title : Queen Of Shadows

Author : Sarah J. Maas

Publisher : Bloomsbury

Pages : 648

Type Of Book : 4th book in TOG series

Read From : Dec. 23 2016 – Jan. 16, 2017

Format : Trade Paper Back UK edition

The queen has returned.

Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she’s at last returned to the empire—for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past…

She has embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, she must fight.

She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die for her. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen’s triumphant return.

The fourth volume in the New York Times bestselling series continues Celaena’s epic journey and builds to a passionate, agonizing crescendo that might just shatter her world

I admit that I love this book despite the fact that I don’t ship Rowaelin. (Please don’t bash me Rowaelin Fans, It’s my opinion & I hope you will respect it.😊I’m happy that you love Rowaelin but please bear with me)

Anyway let’s get started. What I love about QoS is the plot & the pacing of the book. I hate HoF because the pacing of the book was so slow like a snail. Also I love every bits of Manon’s POV because she’s so amazing af. Also I love the new characters like Elide, Lysandra (even tho she was mentioned before in COM?), Nesryn & Lorcan. The plot was getting more intense that I keep on reading it. I was amazed by the twist & the fighting scenes omg! It was the bombed. I think this is my new fave book in TOG series.

Then we also got a glimpse of our least fave characters in TOG & COM like Kaltain & Roland ( he’s been forgotten) I pity them in QoS even tho I didn’t like them in TOG & COM. They are victims of the Valg King a.k.a Duke Perrington (sorry for the spoiler).

Brace yourself coz there’s a long rant about Rowaelin ahead😂
I didn’t like Rowaelin. I thought I would learn to love them in QoS but my dislike of their ship got worst. I was really annoyed & I cringed so hard when I read the part where Aelin & Rowan met again in Rifthold. That hugging part tho 😖. For me they don’t have the chemistry. The Rowalin romance seems rushed, even tho SJM is trying so hard in slowing the progress of their romance (they kissed at the very end of QoS tho oops! Spoiler!). It was like Aelin started to get so obsessed with Rowan when they met in Rifthold. I just can’t imagine why did their romance bloom in QoS coz in HoF they hate eachother so much and Rowan was a total jerk to Aelin (So for me it’s INSTALOVE).Those cheesy lines from Rowaelin makes me cringe harder, I can’t feel the love in them. Sorry not sorry guys but I don’t like Rowaelin. I’m a Chaolaena shipper but I already accepted the fact that they are going back together (insert Chaoryn here). I like Aelin’s character when she’s slaying the war game but I hate her when it comes to romance & emotional mode. So I decided to move on from I-DON’T-LIKE-THE-MAIN-CHARACTER’S-ROMANCE syndrome by filling up my heart with the upcoming new ships MANON x DORIAN, ELIDE x LORCAN & lastly AEDION x LYSANDRA.

All in all, I love every bit of QoS except the ROWAELIN parts. I love the fighting scene, the villains, Lysandra’s amazing shape-shifting powers, the war tactic & the fighting scene between Manon & Aelin (finally they met) Also let’s not forget about Asterin’s back story, I’ve already spoiled myself about her backstory while reading HoF but I was so sad when I finally read the part where she told Manon about her past. I almost cry 😢

So far this is my new fave book in TOG series, It was unpredictable  & not so annoying (well insert Rowaelin here).

I would give it

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5  / 5 stars 
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