Hello I’m Back! 

Hey! Lovely booklovers & bookbloggers.I’m officially back here!

Ok, here are the reasons why I was MIA in my bookblog.

1. I was too busy in Uni

– since I’m on my 3rd yr in my course, everything is getting harder & it needs more of my time. So I decided to focus on my studies first.

2. I almost quit book blogging! 😨

Since I was so busy and I don’t hvae time to write reviews whenever I finished a book. I uninstalled my WORDPRESS app and also I was hesitating if I should quit & delete my bookblog.

But since I’ve already started this and I gained a few followers and amazing friends here in wordpress/bookblog community. So I decided I shouldn’t quit and since I was kinda lazy-busy to do a review. I decided to make my new reviews short and but detailed. No more categoriea and blah blah just one piece of review for every book that I read.

So I hope you understand & please bear with me for being MIA. I love to write reviews and rant on some of my disappointing reads. But I need to spent more time on my studies. But don’t worry coz I’m still going to write reviews & other stuffs.

Thank you so much for reading!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 😙💕
PHOTO : by thereadingdove

INSTAGRAM : @_thereadingdove


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