Bookstagram 101 : How I Edit My Bookstagram photos 

Secret Revealed on how I edit my bookstagram photos! Hahahah just kidding! This is a tutorial on how I edit my bookstagram photos

I know some of you here are expert bookstagrammers, photographers & editors. But I just wanna share my bookstagramming career & hope you enjoy 😂

First of, If you haven’t heard/seen my bookstagram account before, here it is!


Now that you’ve stalked/browsed my bookstagram feed, for sure you noticed my different feed themes. From reddish-gloomy-summery white-pastel pink. So I’m gonna do a tutorial for you guys on how do I edit them 😊

  • Natural Lighting – I used to photoshoot with artificial lighting (in nightime which is very very bad for shooting bookstagram photos, see the result on my older post) since I was busy that time & no time to photoshoot during daytime. But when I tried using natural lighting, it was superb! So I suggest that if you’re a bookstagram newbie, you better use natural lighting.
  • Apps That I Used – When it comes to editing photos, I tried so many apps to edit my photos. But there is one & only for me VSCO & POMELO. But for now, I stopped using VSCO & what I’m using now is POMELO. It was so good, so many filters to choose & highly recommended!What I’m currently using right now is PREHNITE which is amazing if you’re into gloomy-reddish photos
  • Accessories – If you’re a bookstagram newbie, you may have noticed some other bookstagrammers used alot of accessories on their photos. Such as candles, bookmarks, cutie notebooks, arts, jewelry, girly stuffs, plants & flowers and etc. To achieve a bookstagram photo post, you need to more creative when mixing some of your amazing stuffs with your books.

APP USED : Pomelo  by Meitu.inc / this is a free app, you can download it on Playstore 

  1. PREHNITE / Freeze / POMELO

– it’s better to use this filter if you have a brownish,  dark  or using textures for background

       2.ICELAND / Freeze / POMELO–  You can use this in either dark or light backgrounds.


3. FROSTI / Freeze / POMELO – super good to use in pastel/ white backgrounds



NOTE : Sometimes I adjust the contrast & brightness of the photos.
Hope it helps! Thank you for reading my blog entry 😊


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