2016 BookHauls

July Book Haul

I only bought 3 books this month πŸ˜‚ ACOMAF, The Rose & The Dagger & This Savage Song(Hurray for  my HB haul). My amazing bookish Aunt bought me the “Rebel Of The Sands” and I’m so happy coz I’ve been wanting to read that book ever since I saw it on bookstagram.Also some of my favorite booktubers recommended this book and also because I love the synopsis of it.

Let’s get started with the haul!


So here are the books that I’ve got :

1. A Court Of Mist And Fury

So isn’t it obvious that I’m a total acomaf trash hahaha I love this book so much & I really need to have the US Harback copy of it.Obsessed Acomaf bitch here! πŸ™‹

2. The Rose And The Dagger

Ever since I’ve read the “The Wrath and The Dawn” I was so inlove with it so I’ve got the sequel and omg! Those end pages & illustration 😍😍 

3. Rebel Of The Sands

I was so glad that my amazing Aunt bought this for me. Coz I instructed her to just buy this instead if TRATD is not available. But because she loves me so much so she bought me this amazing book too.

So I got all these books from FULLYBOOKED since my Aunt got the chance to go to Manila (it’s far away from our place takes plane to get in there) so I asked her to buy me some books in that amazing bookstore (since we don’t have fullybooked bookstore in our place)

4. This Savage Song

The hype with this book hit me and also because my friend Zel (@thebookmetropolis) and I were having a reading challenge called “No Spoiler- Book Challenge) since we always spoiled ourselves with the book we’re reading together haha.

And that’s all for my July Book Haul 


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