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Bookstore Story + Reading Updates (Reading Crisis)

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog entry. I was planning to write reviews this past few days but I was too lazy & forgetful.
So let’s get into this blog post entry. 😊



Since I was on a vacay in my rural hometown. Our local bookstore was kind of far away. (It takes 3 hours of bus ride) So Yesterday (May 12, 2016) My Mom & I was able to travel to the city and I was so happy. My purpose are first to check out the 2 local bookstores in the city if they already had the ACOMAF book and second is to visit my friends who’s having a summer class. So I was so excited and I went to the 1st bookstore immediately. When I entered the bookstore a table full of new released/bestselling books welcomed me. I scanned the table for ACOMAF but I couldn’t find one. So I went to the YA section (acotar was in the YA section even though its an NA book) I was looking for it for so long but I couldn’t find one.  So I also went to NA section hoping for ACOMAF to be displayed in the NA shelves but nothing. So I decided to leave & check out the 2nd bookstore. So I was about to leave the bookstore when a blue coloured book caught my attention. Viola! It’s ACOMAF and they only have 2 copies left. So I picked it up immediately and went to fall in line in the cashier. While I was falling in line there was this girl & boy (friends I think and they’re also teens like me) who saw the last copy of ACOMAF and the boy explained to the girl that this book  was the sequel to the amazing 1st book which is the ACOTAR. So I thought that if I didn’t went that day in the city I wouldn’t get the chance to get my copy of ACOMAF. Since I checked out the website of our local bookstore saying that ACOMAF is a “limited offer only* so yeah!  Like hello NBS! ur a bias bookstore right? So why it is limited? SJMaas books are so popular & she already had a booksigning here in PH. Ugh! I just don’t get them. I’ve also noticed that before the day of ACOMAF’s release our local bookstore’s website posted that ACOMAF was already a bestseller and also in the New Release Category along with THE CROWN. Then a week after the  acomaf release I couldn’t find it on the NEW RELEASE & BESTSELLERS category. Ugh! I’m just ranting so hard about this coz I just don’t understand them why they don’t advertise ACOMAF on all of their social media pages. πŸ‘Ž thumbs down for NBS. But Anyways I was so happy that I finally had ACOMAF and so far I couldn’t read it right away since I was currently reading 2 books (and that’s for my reading updates. Plus! I’m not ready for Rhysand. 😍


So I was currently reading two thick books and I’m having this bad reading crisis. Ok so the first book that I’m currently reading is WINTER by Marissa Meyer and it’s about 800+ since It’s on my readathon/ reading marathon thingy. I have to complete reading this series. I’ve reread the 3 books which are Cinder, Scarlet & Cress. Since Winter is not a reread I’m so hooked with it and it was so fast pace but it’s just me who’s slowing my reading pace. Coz I have 2 reasons why I have this Reading Crisis. First I don’t want this series to end, second I can’t take all the problems Cinder & her friends are having. But still I’m going to finish it no matter what happened. Lol I’m so dramatic 😊 And the 2nd book I’m currently reading is THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING by Morgan Matson. So this is my first YA Contemporary read in 2016, since I’m not a big fan of YA contemporary literature. And I love this book! I like it so much!😍. And now! I’m in 200+ pages left in both books and I’m having a hard time to finish them 😒 but challenge is a challenge I need to fullfill and reach my Reading Goals.

So that’s all,thanks for reading my rants πŸ˜‚


13 thoughts on “Bookstore Story + Reading Updates (Reading Crisis)

  1. Oh, I am going through something similar … I am reading a kindle version of a book, and it is probably the longest kindle version of a book I have read .. The book itself is pretty good so far, but it has been a week and I am still stuck at 40% .. 😦 .

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  2. I’m so glad you managed to find a copy of ACOMAF πŸ™‚ I’m currently reading ACOTAR and am really enjoying it. I live in a smaller town and my bookstore sounds a lot like the one you mentioned, haha. It never has anything and it’s really expensive! So I totally understand your ranting.

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