Crown Princes of YA (Part two)


(*DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this found it on Tumblr)

Omg! I found this cute convo from our glorious YA Princes.

Maxon Schreave (The Selection): I found a new friend to induct into our circle of heirs to fantasy realms *whispers* and hopefully to lighten the mood of all our depressing situations.
Prince Kai (TLC): What’s your story?
Cal Calore(Red Queen): I really don’t belong here.
Dorian Havilliard (TOG) Why? What’s wrong? It couldn’t possibly be any worse than what we’ve already faced.
Cal Calore: My half brother and my stepmother manipulated me into killing my own father so now I’ve been exiled and lost my title and my family.
Maxon Schreave: Oh, that’s… really sad. I’m sorry.
Prince Kai: Hey, you know what always helps for me when someone tries to steal my throne?
Cal Calore: What?
Prince Kai: Getting kidnapped by my girlfriend and her rebel group and then starting a revolution to try and fix this cruel, cruel world.
Cal Calore: *bursting into tears* My girlfriend and her rebel group already did that!
Maxon Schreave: *facepalms*


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