Bookish Rants

Bookshelf Update 2016 (so far)


My bookshelf was actully a closet So Yeah.( I might get some proper bookshelf in the future) πŸ˜‚ So Before I was a booklover, this part of my closet was full of clothes, beauty products/make up, perfume, some mangas & kpop albums. But now it was all for books, just BOOKS! πŸ˜ƒ
I can’t believe I already had 40 books so far.
Coz last yr. when I was in the moment of having a massive bookhaul, I promised to limit myself with 20 books. But yeah! come on who can say no to books? Definitely not me, because books are my life now, they’re my stress reliever but sometimes spending too much money on books gives me stress & guilt hahaha. But still I’m happy & proud of myself for being a booklover.

P.S I can’t still post my review for THRONE OF GLASS because I’m so busy studying for our exams & qualifying exams, so wish me luck  !!


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