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[Bookish Rants] First Book Mail


I was a little bit frustrated & panic was all over me when my LBC tracking number isn’t registered yet. So I prayed that I wasn’t scammed or something. Coz I’ts my freaking savings!!!

Anyways, I do have experience when it comes to shopping online via FB online shops. Coz I’ve been doing that since I was in my highschool days. But this time it’s not about KPOP merch that I was buying online when I was in HS, it’s about BOOKS! And it’s on INSTAGRAM this time.

So there are plenty of legit online shop in instagram that sells books, that can’t be found on our local bookstore (NBS) So I give it a try and I ordered in a certain online bookshop @starrynightph. Which is a legit one, since I haven’t experienced the TRACKING # thing. So I definitely freak out. But I was glad it came but it took 1 week tho, and I considered it was not the seller’s fault but it was the courier (LBC) 😈

So here’s my first bookmail story telling, I posted the book that I’ve got on my bookstagram πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


2 thoughts on “[Bookish Rants] First Book Mail

    1. Hi! Well It takes so much courage to push ourselves to buy online tho. U must give it a try, u must look for online bookshops that is legit & has a lot of feedbacks 😊 I recommend u some bookshops on intagram like MINTBOOKSHOP,ANGELMARKSPH & K8SONLINE 😊😊😊

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